SkyAngle CERT-3 Series:

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Canopy, extended panel and suspension line colors may vary from pictures. Contact us for custom color schemes!

With over a year spent in the design and testing phase, the SkyAngle CERT-3 series was the result of numerous requests from our customers and dealers for larger capacity parachutes and a heavy-duty 24" Drogue. Much more than just a bigger version of the popular SkyAngle Classic, the CERT-3 has been engineered from the ground up specifically for the advanced rocketry flyer with large and/or complex projects. They sport four (4) 5/8" mil-spec suspension lines (2,250 lbs.), a 1,500 lb. swivel and zero-porosity 1.9 oz balloon cloth. Like all SkyAngle parachutes, the CERT-3 line has been subjected to a battery of professionally performed tests to determine accurate recovery capacity and descent rates. This is the ‘chute you want to pack when only the best will do for the BIG ONES!

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CERT-3 Specifications:

CERT-3 Size Large XLarge XXLarge Drogue
Tested* Load Capacity 16.2-35.0 32.6-70.6 60.0-129.8 1.0-2.2
Surface Area (sq. ft) 57.0  89.0  129.0  6.3 
Tested** Cd 1.26 2.59 2.92 1.16
Suspension Line Length (inches) 80 100 120 24
Net Weight (oz.) 34.0 45.0 64.0 6.0
Suggested Retail Price*** $139.00 $189.00 $239.00 $27.50

*As tested by the Parks College Parachute Research Group. Values are load ranges to achieve a 17 - 25 fps descent rate.  Actual performance can vary depending upon flight conditions and from product to product. Descent rates are normalized for sea level. Measurements may be nominal. Prices, specifications, and materials are subject to change without notice.

**Cd calculation is based on reference surface area of the circular cap only for comparison purposes. Using total surface area as listed will decrease Cd value.

***Suggested Retail Price or MSRP is our suggested retail price in US $. Dealers set their own prices for our products.


Click here for detailed instructions on how to pack and fold a SkyAngle CERT-3 parachute  (61K PDF)

SkyAngle CERT-3 Parachutes Are:

bulletStrong --
bullet5/8" mil-spec tubular nylon (2,250 lbs.) suspension lines sewn around outside canopy.
bulletCERT-3 series manufactured with zero-porosity 1.9 oz. silicone-coated balloon cloth.
bulletUV-resistant polyester sail-maker’s thread used throughout.
bulletUser-friendly --
bulletOnly four lines to deal with! Size label sewn on outside for easy identification.   [NOTE: CERT-3 Drogues have only 3 suspension lines and no pilot ring.]
bullet3/4" Welded ring sewn at canopy apex for optional pilot ‘chute attachment.
bulletSee our Packing Volume Table (99K PDF file) for specific pack volumes by tube size.
bulletSee our Descent Rate Table (42K PDF file) for info on how to select the proper size for your project, or go directly to Jordan Hiller’s SkyAngle-specific Descent Rate Calculator.
bulletTangle-free --
bulletCERT-3 series lines attach to a heavy-duty 1,500 lb. 12/0 nickel-plated swivel.
bulletEasy to track --
bulletHigh-visibility spinning multicolored panels can be seen in all flight conditions.
bulletWell-made --
bulletQuality, hand-crafted workmanship - Proudly made in the USA!
bulletTested --
bulletProfessionally tested to provide accurate, real-world descent rates that you can count on!
bulletStable --
bulletSkyAngle’s resist the flopping, pulsation and canopy collapse often seen in other chutes.
bulletGuaranteed --
bulletWarranted against material and construction defects for life! See our Legal page for details.