SkyAngle Customer Submission Page:


Below is just a sampling of customer projects, recoveries, pictures, and quotes with respect to SkyAngle products. Please feel free to send us your contribution to this page!



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This cool rocket belongs to Debra Koloms, it's an upscale of a quest DC-Y. It's about 98" tall, 31" at the base and lift off weight was 100lbs. The flight was a successful CERT-3!

Carl Tulanko provided this photo of a b2 CERT-3 chute. 


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Joel Johns got an incredible on board shot that clearly show the SkyAngle panels "flaring".


wpe5.jpg (3407 bytes)

Mike’s Level-3 Flight hits Mach =)

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Mike Barton’s clear-finned "Opus X" Cigar Rocket

opusx2.jpg (22484 bytes)

Opus X under chute.


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Sammi Holloway vs. a SkyAngle CERT-3 XL


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  Dave Holloway (red shirt ) and friend arm Dave’s M-Total Clustered Flight.

mbarton1.jpg (63613 bytes)

Mike Barton surveys his rocket after it's successful level 3 flight.

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DPS Yellowjacket N-power courtesy of Colby Tucker