Recovery Components:

NOTE: All prices listed are Mfg. Suggested Retail -- Contact your SkyAngle Dealer for current pricing, availability, and to place orders. Prices, specifications, materials, and colors, are subject to change without notice.


SkyAngle Deployment FreeBag™

Based on a tried and true military/sport "free bag" design, the SkyAngle Deployment FreeBagTM attaches directly to the nose cone with a 1" tubular nylon (4,000 psi) tether. All stress points are reinforced with Kevlar® thread. Ingenious in its simplicity and ease-of use, this deployment sleeve completely envelopes the parachute in fireproof Aramid® fabric while insuring a reliable, orderly deployment! Complete illustrated instructions are included.

SkyAngle Deployment FreeBagsTM are engineered with high quality materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and are very affordable. They are available in four sizes, three of which are tailored to fit our SkyAngle CERT-3 main chutes. (They work great with other brands as well.)


bag.gif (12556 bytes)

Color may vary from photo.

Size Pouch Dimensions Fits Airframe Diam. MSRP***
Medium    8" W x 10"H 3"   $20.00
Large    9" W x 11"H 4"   $25.00
XLarge    9" W x 14"H 5"   $30.00
XXLarge   10" W x 17"H 6"   $35.00

*** Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price - prices are set by your dealer.  Measurements are nominal.  Large, XLarge and XXLarge sizes will fit SkyAngle CERT-3 chutes of the same size designation.


The FreeBag is designed to be attached directly to your nose cone and deployed separately. A separate chute in addition to the main (and a drogue, if used) will be necessary for the safe recovery of your nose and bag assembly independently of your main airframe. Deployment in this manner will virtually insure main chute inflation without entanglement. It also reduces main airframe recovery weight, allowing use of a smaller chute that normal. [NOTE: While the nose/bag combo can be secured to the airframe via shock cord, doing so may increase the likelihood of entanglement and/or possible failure to deploy the main chute. We do include a loop sewn inside the bag, however, for custom applications of this nature.]

PamPacking.jpg (71546 bytes)

Pam Barton shows how to pack SkyAngle chute into a FreeBagTM.

Click here to view detailed SkyAngle Deployment FreeBag Instructions (104K PDF)


SkyAngle™ Streamers

SkyAngle Streamers are fashioned from multicolored strips of our CERT-3™ balloon cloth. Cups are sewn at each end, and we provide a 1,000 lb. swivel attachment point at the center. Perfect for small and light minimum diameter projects and as an added drag and tracking aid in parachute recovery.

Colors may vary from photo.

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3" wide x 51" long     $10.00


4" wide x 112" long   $15.00


SkyAngle Swivels:

wpe7.jpg (3487 bytes)

The same heavy-duty nickel plated brass swivels found on all SkyAngles can also be purchased separately to enhance other brands!  1/2" diameter eyelet for large line sizes.  Accept no substitute, these are the strongest swivels around!


Size   9/0  1,000 pounds tensile    $3.00


Size 12/0  1,500 pounds tensile   $3.75


Now every 'chute out there can become "swivel-ized"!

SkyAngle Aramid Chute Protectors

Our chute protectors are cut from flameproof Aramid cloth and the edges are serged with Kevlar® thread. We also feature a Kevlar-reinforced button hole. Available in two sizes for airframes up to 11.41".



Color may vary from photo.

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8" Square      $6.50


16" Square    $9.50

SkyAngle™ Aramid-covered Airframe Harness Straps


The perfect strap for securing shock cord inside an airframe. Reduces zippers! Features 1" wide tubular nylon (4,000 lb. test) wrapped in flameproof Aramid cloth. Has a Kevlar sewn loop on one end and a welded D-ring on the other for quick link attachment. Can be anchored to a U-bolt or delta quick link (not included).  Optionally, Aramid can be trimmed away allowing nylon to be epoxied directly to the MMT as shown. (Choose a length that will extend out of the body tube at least a few inches.)

18" - $11.00,    24" - $12.00,    30" - $13.00

36" - $14.00,    42" - $15.00

U-bolt and delta link not included.  Colors may vary from photo.

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SkyAngle™ Tubular Nylon Shock Cord

Colors may vary from photo.


Don’t trust your SkyAngle to anything less! This is the same mil-spec flat woven tubular nylon used on all SkyAngle parachutes. 3/8" width is rated 950 lbs. test and 5/8" width is rated 2,250 lbs. test. We use Kevlar thread to sew a loop at each end.  A 3rd loop approx. 25% of the length from one end is provided for chute or streamer attachment. End loop on long end is protected with a flameproof Aramid sheath. (Use 2 -3 times the length of your rocket.)

Length 3/8" Width  5/8" Width
9 ft. $8.00  N/A
12 ft. $9.00  N/A
15 ft. $10.00 $14.00
18 ft. $11.00 $16.00
21 ft. N/A $18.00
24 ft.  N/A $20.00
27 ft. N/A $22.00

Bottom photo shows close-up of suggested orientation of harness strap, delta link, shock cord Aramid sleeve, and chute protector.  Note how shock cord and chute will be completely insulated from ejection flame.


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SkyAngle™ Stainless Steel Delta Quick Links

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Imported from France, these unique and strong triangle-shaped quick links are excellent for any number of rocket recovery applications. All stainless steel construction. Particularly well-suited for use with our FreeBag, Shock Cord and Harness Strap products.


Diameter Breaking Limit Mouth Opening  Base Width MSRP
5/32" 2,205 lbs. 7/32" 11/16" $5.50
3/16" 3,580 lbs. 1/4"  1 3/16" $6.25
1/4"  4,960 lbs. 9/32"  1 3/8" $7.75
9/32" 6,890 lbs. 11/32" 1 7/16" $9.75